Secuvox® Digital Motion Activated Camcorder Clock
Secuvox® Digital Motion Activated Camcorder Clock
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Secuvox® Digital Motion Activated Camcorder Clock

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The Secuvox® Digital Motion Activated Camcorder Clock is not just a regular clock, it is actually a pin-hole camcorder, taking video onto a SD card with motion activated function. It is an ideal video recorder device for office, home, and stores covert surveillance.


  • Patented Cycle of recording function: When SD card memory is full, the camera will overwrite the earliest recorded video with the newest recorded video automatically so as to have continuous recording.
  • Motion activated function: Video recording only starts when the motion is detected in front of camera and stops when there is no motion being detected after 10 seconds.
  • Using AC power, never worry about out of battery power.
  • Can match car cigarette light adaptor and different power plugs.
  • Hidden camera under the button, camera can be moved up and down to adjust camera angle.
  • Ideal covert security for your home or business
  • Patented Built in battery power backup feature: the battery operation will take over only when the AC power adaptor is disconnected or when the power is off, making sure that video recording will not stop in any incident.
  • Video with instant time and date stamp.
  • Video file saved with instant time and date as file name, easy for sorting and looking up video files.


  • Sensor type: Color CMOS
  • Resolution: 640x480; 320x240; 160x120
  • Frames per second: 30 fps or 15 fps: 1GB can record about 200 minutes with 640x480x15 fps; 1GB can record about 130 minutes with 640x480 30 fps.
  • Video File Size: 10MB
  • SD card support up to 16GB flash memory card (one 2GB SD card included)